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Welcome to the video production and multimedia division of the J.W. Couch Foundation. It's here that we use creativity and collaboration to lend a hand to non-profit organizations looking to increase awareness, bolster fundraising, or simply - tell their story better.

Storytelling connects us all and sets us apart from others. To do it well requires time, resources, and the right talent. We coordinate and manage production while making sure it is aligned with every organization's mission, messaging, and goals. With the help of JWC Studios, teams will create content that is too compelling for anyone to ignore.

Studio Services

  • Video Production
  • Photography
Jesse W. Couch Studios

A partnership with FoxFuel Creative.

Easy 5-Step Process

  1. Apply for a JWC Studios Grant
  2. We meet to align on goals
  3. We get to work capturing content
  4. We review the work
  5. Approval and delivery

Zero cost to every non-profit.


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