In the heart of nature, where the gentle murmur of a river melds with the whispers of the wind, a profound transformation is underway. It's here that On River Time, a beacon of hope and healing, has been nurturing the spirits of young survivors for twelve years. This unique nonprofit, born from the personal journey of its founder, Steve Davis, serves as a sanctuary for children who have endured the unthinkable—survivors of abuse and neglect.

We sat down with Steve and had a transformative conversation about the tremendous non-profit he helped create. Listen to the episode below, and please share it with others who you think would like to get involved with their organization. 

The Genesis of Hope

Steve Davis's own story is one of resilience and rebirth. Having navigated the turbulent waters of childhood abuse, he knows the depth of the shadows cast by shame, guilt, and fear. These emotions, often hidden, shape lives in profound ways, creating barriers to understanding a fundamental truth: "It was not your fault." Steve's journey through these tumultuous emotions toward forgiveness and self-reflection found its most profound moments in the quiet embrace of nature.

Inspired by his own path to healing, Steve established On River Time not just as a nonprofit but as a lifeline, offering children a chance to experience the transformative power of silence, nature, and fly fishing—a metaphorical dance with life itself, encouraging patience, precision, and presence.

Casting Lines, Mending Hearts

At its core, On River Time is more than just an opportunity for children to learn fly fishing. It's an immersive experience that introduces them to new environments, caring individuals, and organizations dedicated to their well-being. By connecting with each child individually, the program instills a sense of value and hope, teaching them that they are more than their past experiences.

Fly fishing, On River Time's cornerstone activity, is a powerful tool for healing. It demands focus, creating a space for children to step away from their troubles and immerse themselves in the moment. Casting a line is symbolic, representing a reach toward a future defined by their own actions, not by circumstances beyond their control.

A Community of Support

On River Time's success lies not just in its activities but in its community. The children are introduced to a network of people who share similar stories, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual understanding. They discover places of breathtaking natural beauty and environments that offer peace and a new perspective on life. And they meet partners—individuals and organizations dedicated to supporting their journey of healing and growth.

The program's impact extends beyond the weeklong retreats. It offers ongoing support, ensuring that the values of hope, resilience, and self-worth instilled during their time by the river continue to flourish as the children navigate their paths forward.

A Legacy of Transformation

Twelve years into its mission, On River Time has touched countless lives, each story a testament to the nonprofit's profound impact. Armed with new skills and a renewed sense of self, these children return to their communities as beacons of hope, embodying the possible change when we connect with nature, others, and the deeper parts of ourselves.

Steve Davis's vision has blossomed into a community where healing is not just hoped for but actively cultivated. There, silent conversations with nature guide young souls toward a brighter, more hopeful future.

In the grand tapestry of life, On River Time stands out as a vivid thread. It weaves a narrative of resilience, healing, and the undeniable power of the natural world to restore and rejuvenate the human spirit.

On River Time

On River Time began a short eight years ago with a mission to serve children who are survivors of abuse and neglect. Using fly fishing as a means of connecting with each child, we introduce people, places, and partners into their life journeys to instill value and hope. Through your partnership and our life-affirming programming, we can change the trajectory of kids’ lives. 

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