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Today, it's more important than ever to align your investments with your values and beliefs, which is why we are using environmental, social, and governance rankings (ESG Rankings) as our guide. More studies have proven that companies with higher ESG ratings tend to be more profitable and produce stronger financial results. This investment strategy aligns our core values with companies that help us create sustainable grant funds that don't corrupt our purpose.

It's essential to look at ESG rankings as three main pillars when evaluating a company's social responsibilities for investing.

Following an ESG investment strategy has proven to be more resilient as historical market volatility sweeps across the globe during the COVID 19 pandemic. Up until the end of March 2020, 60% of European ESG ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) have outperformed broader European markets. Meanwhile, the US has seen similar performances, with 59% of ESG ETFs outperforming the US market.

Over $5 trillion is forecasted to pass from Baby Boomers to their children over the next few years. Research shows 90% of Millennials want to invest according to their ESG values, with 84% of Millennial investors already doing so. The Bank of America Corporation estimates that ESG funds will rival the S&P 500 within the next twenty years, anticipating growth to $20 trillion of assets.

With over 86,000 foundations in the US and 154,000 in Europe, only 9% of them have over $10 million in assets. Not all endowments and foundations have the resources to hire ESG expertise. We are proud to be one of the few who are following the ESG strategy and think it's vital that every prospective grantee inquires about when seeking donations from foundations.

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Sean W. Couch

President & Co-Trustee at the J.W. Couch Foundation

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