The Importance of Video for Nonprofits

What is a human being’s most precious resource? Their attention. For nonprofit marketers, fundraisers, and content producers to create awareness, drive change, and raise funds, they must first capture their audiences’ attention. That’s why video is so important for nonprofits because it's the most effective communications medium for capturing people's attention.

Facebook Research found that users watch video content 5x longer than static content. Other research shows that when both video and text are available on the same webpage, 72% of people choose to watch the video rather than read the copy. Additionally, studies have identified that video is more efficient and engaging than any other form of mass communication.

In our latest podcast, we talked with Doug Scott, the founder, and CEO of Tectonic Video, a video strategy, and production company that works with some of the world's most innovative nonprofits, including the American Lung Association, World Relief, Mutual Rescue, The Tech Interactive, and the Global Fund for Women. Their videos have earned tens of millions of views online and have been installed in museums, selected by film festivals, profiled by The New York Times, CNN, NPR, and AdWeek, and were honored with almost 200 industry awards. Scott works directly with senior leadership teams to build video strategies to help nonprofits accomplish their goals. Scott shared with us insights from their original research and provided a framework for leveling up a nonprofit's video strategy.

To get a glimpse of what you'll learn in this podcast, the Tectonic team believes there are two major buckets of video content for nonprofits labeled grow and know. Each bucket has its own characteristics and strategic goals to help nonprofit teams create successful video campaigns.

The Grow Bucket Includes:

  1. Core Brand Videos
  2. Campaign Videos
  3. Social Media Videos
  4. Branded Content Videos

The Know Bucket Includes:

  1. Educational Videos 
  2. Internal Communication Videos

Listen to the full podcast to get more insights and dive deeper into all of the information Scott shared with us. Please subscribe to The Giving Stories podcast as we continue to interview more industry leaders who share priceless stories and wisdom.


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