Beyond a Century of Compassion: Elevating The Houston SPCA's Mission through Innovative Marketing Videos



The Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has been a beacon of hope for animals in the Houston area for a century. As they approached their 100-year anniversary, the organization recognized the need to both celebrate this monumental milestone and set the stage for the future of animal welfare in the community. In an era where digital presence is crucial for nonprofit organizations to garner support, connect with their community, and spread their message, the Houston SPCA identified the development of compelling marketing videos as a critical strategy to achieve their goals.

As the Houston SPCA embarked on this video marketing project, their goal was not only to commemorate a significant milestone but also to inspire action and support for their mission. By capturing the essence of their work and the impact of their services through powerful storytelling, the Houston SPCA aimed to connect with hearts and minds across the Houston area and beyond, ensuring their ability to improve the lives of animals for the next hundred years and more.

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Video Production

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Video Production: Tectonic Video


The Houston SPCA wishes to express our immense gratitude to you and the J.W. Couch Foundation Trustees for the wonderful storytelling tool you have given us.  I cannot begin to tell you how pleased we are with the final products and how wonderful it was to work with the Tectonic team.  They worked hard to understand who we are, and it was especially important to them that the story and the messages were exactly what we wanted.  Doug and Greg were responsive, engaging, and talented!  We cannot thank you enough for giving us the gift of "our story."  Non-profits rarely have funds to use for such remarkable visual tools. We are so grateful to the Foundation for recognizing how important and impactful something like this can be. 

Patricia E. Mercer
President & CEO

Community leaders established The Houston SPCA 100 years ago to meet the needs of animals in Houston, and we have always put their care and well-being first in everything we do. An iconic Houston nonprofit, our organization has grown along with our beloved city, and we have continually adapted our efforts to help the animals in our community best. Since our inception, Houston SPCA has saved and provided services for millions of animals. 

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The Idea

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The Houston SPCA team wanted to commemorate their 100th anniversary by sharing their extraordinary history and casting a vision for the future. They also wanted to demonstrate the impact of their life-saving work while differentiating themselves from other animal rescue groups in the Houston area. Finally, they wanted the videos to help drive donations by building a compelling case for support and increasing brand awareness that will help drive more visits across all their marketing channels. 

The Production

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To create the best possible video content, the JWC Foundation recruited the help of Tectonic Video. Their team is trusted by some of the largest and most respected nonprofit groups. Their data-driven video strategy process is based on insights from the Nonprofit Video Index™, their landmark study of how nonprofits use video on social media. Their videos have been installed in museums, selected by film festivals, profiled by The New York Times, and honored with almost 200 awards.


The Solution

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The Houston SPCA team is now utilizing the final videos across all their marketing channels and they are helping usher in a new era of domestic and wildlife animal care. The team is now better equipped to help empower a new generation of volunteers, healthcare providers, advocates, and donors to kickoff the next 100 years of committed service. 


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