Fighting Climate Change and Boosting Upcycled Food Awareness



The Upcycled Food Association (UFA) is a pioneering nonprofit that helps reduce food waste by transforming surplus food into high-quality, sustainable products. By promoting the creation and consumption of upcycled food, UFA aims to address one of our time's most critical environmental challenges. Their innovative approach not only helps prevent food waste but also provides consumers with sustainable choices, significantly impacting global warming.

The J.W. Couch Foundation partnered with the UFA to produce a series of commercials to educate consumers about upcycled food products. These commercials were designed to raise awareness about the benefits of upcycled foods, encouraging consumers to make informed purchasing decisions that contribute to reducing food waste. Consumers must recognize and purchase upcycled products for this solution to be effective.

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Video Production: Tectonic Video


While any nonprofit can benefit from video assets, Upcycled Food Foundation has a uniquely large interest in these kinds of assets because of our need for widespread consumer education and the need of our industry to spread its message to a large number of food shoppers. Our thesis is that the more upcycled products people buy, the more food waste will be prevented. About 80% would be interested in buying upcycled products, but currently, less than 10% of consumers know what upcycled products are. These amazing videos help us illuminate the need for marketing assets, and we are thrilled with how they turned out. ”

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The mission of the Upcycled Food Association is to champion upcycling as one of the most critical solutions to mitigate the climate crisis and advocate for the best interests of the upcycled food industry.

They envision a global food system where all food is elevated to its highest and best use.

Upcycled Food Association is leveraging market forces to prevent food waste by coordinating hundreds of companies worldwide and empowering millions of consumers to prevent climate change with the products they buy.

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The Idea

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The UFA team needed videos to educate consumers on the benefits of upcycled food, demonstrating how their purchasing decisions can contribute to reducing food waste and combating climate change. They also wanted the videos to highlight the variety and quality of upcycled food products available, helping consumers recognize and choose these products in the market. 

The Production

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To create the best possible video content, the JWC Foundation recruited the help of Tectonic Video. Their team is trusted by some of the largest and most respected nonprofit groups. Their data-driven video strategy process is based on insights from the Nonprofit Video Index™, their landmark study of how nonprofits use video on social media. Their videos have been installed in museums, selected by film festivals, profiled by The New York Times, and honored with almost 200 awards.


The Solution

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The UFA produced a series of compelling commercials that have raised awareness about upcycled products, which have been vital in encouraging consumers to make informed, eco-friendly purchasing decisions, thereby supporting their mission to create a sustainable food system and significantly reduce food waste. 


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