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Billions of dollars worth of food have gone to waste during the Covid-19 global pandemic. Farmers across the country have had massive surpluses of highly perishable crops, and food banks struggled to keep up with record demand from families impacted the hardest. College students recognized the food crisis during the early shutdowns and started the Farmlink Project to transport surplus produce from farms directly to food banks in need. Their organization has helped move over 50 million pounds of food and delivered over 40 million meals in two years. What started as a grassroots movement has evolved into one of the most successful non-profit startup stories during the pandemic. Their story had to be matched with the best quality video assets to continue the momentum.

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Video Production

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Video Production: Tectonic Video


Working with the JWC Foundation and Tectonic was an absolute privilege. Their professionalism was demonstrated by how they listened and worked diligently to provide for our creative and organizational goals. Together, we created a flagship series of videos that have become our most impactful and successful assets to date, and I expect for years to come. We are incredibly fortunate to be involved with these partners and the alternative ways they provide to help us fight against food insecurity and waste.”

Aidan Reilly
Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships

Billions of pounds of produce are going to waste while millions of Americans are going hungry. The Farmlink Project connects farmers to food banks, delivering millions of pounds of fresh farm produce that would otherwise be wasted to feed families in need.

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The Idea

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The Farmlink Project team needed the best video assets to help tell their remarkable story and usher in a new growth phase to attract further donors, volunteers, partners, and sponsors. With different target audiences in mind, they needed specific messaging and content to resonate with each category.

The Production

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To create the best possible video content, the JWC Foundation recruited the help of Tectonic Video. Their team is trusted by some of the largest and most respected non-profit groups. Their data-driven video strategy process is based on insights from the Nonprofit Video Index™, their landmark study of how non-profits use video on social media. Their videos have been installed in museums, selected by film festivals, profiled by The New York Times, and honored with almost 200 awards.


The Solution

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A suite of targeted videos were created to help the Farmlink Project team reach college students, farmers, corporate sponsors, and other major donors. The completed videos were given an additional boost with the help of paid promotions used across social media and other media platforms. Quickly the team saw the videos generate over half a million views and more visitors to their owned media outlets.


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