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Scenic Walton shows us what's in our nature.

As one of the fastest-growing counties in the country and a popular tourist destination, Walton County, Florida, is experiencing tremendous growth. Scenic Walton, a local non-profit and chapter of Scenic America, wants to ensure all progress is aligned with the natural beauty and majesty of the area that has created the appeal for millions to visit each year. Ready to expand their reach, both teams needed a new marketing asset to resonate with their intended audiences and other stakeholders.

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Video Production

Creative credits

Director of Photography: Modus Photography

Post Production: FoxFuel Creative


Before JWC Studios, we had very few high-value communication assets. They helped us tell a beautiful local story and create stunning on-brand digital assets that we can use for various marketing campaigns.”

Mark Falzone
President of Scenic America

Working with JWC Studios was an absolute pleasure, and the finished product far exceeded anything we ever expected. I firmly believe these assets will be a significant part of taking our organization to the next level. What an incredible service to nonprofit organizations!

Leigh Moore
Executive Director

Scenic America is the only national environmental nonprofit dedicated to enhancing the visual character and scenic qualities of America’s parks, open spaces, neighborhoods, and transportation corridors.

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Scenic Walton is a local chapter of Scenic America working to preserve and enhance the beauty and safety of Walton County, Florida. As one of the fastest-growing counties in the country, their team is dedicated to making sure progress happens the right way. 

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The Idea

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Scenic America needed new imagery aligned with its mission to bring more awareness to their cause and spark growth. In one small corner of Florida, Scenic Walton showcases some of the best examples for other communities and policymakers to reference. Majestic landscapes are protected as urban planning expands to accommodate the millions who visit each year. 

The Production

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To kick-off production, Scenic America first met with our partnering team at FoxFuel, a creative agency based in Nashville, who aligns all goals, messaging and coordinates the entire creative process until production is complete. With the help of local talent, Modus Photography, and the wisdom of the Scenic Walton team, a shot list was completed to capture the most compelling content. A poetic voice-over script was drafted and paired with the best talent that would resonate with the intended audiences. Put it all together, and both teams were given an asset that has produced a resounding impact for them locally and nationally. 


The Solution

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Creating a high-production-value asset has its perks. In addition to the featured video, we utilized extra footage that didn't make the final cut for other various marketing campaigns. The Scenic America and Scenic Walton team now have an arsenal of still images and shorter video clips that will boost engagement with their targeted audiences. The quality of production also sparked the attention of strategic partners. The local and nationally famous beach lifestyle brand, 30A, offered to share the video with over 1 million followers and provide more marketing support with their various audiences. As a bonus, we provided an additional grant to help the Scenic America team bring on a new communication director who could utilize the unique assets and usher in more great change for the foreseeable future. 


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