Just off the historic Taos Plaza, down a quiet alley, visitors will notice a quaint entry for an unassuming non-profit toy store that exceeds all expectations. Twirl instantly transports parents and children into a charming space filled with toys that spark creativity, imagination, and educational discovery. The charm of the store continues to reveal a wonderland filled with more than just toys, but outdoor playscapes and classes that combine for an experience that enriches an entire community. 

"Play is the highest form of research." - Albert Einstein

Every toy purchased inside the store helps support the free playscapes available to the public and diverse learning classes that educate children of all ages. Children can choose from a variety of high-quality educational toys, games, and crafts that inspire play-based learning in the home while also encouraging positive parent/child interaction.

The store is carefully curated for visitors to find the best age-appropriate toys. Teachers can also find a wide range of classroom supplies that offer opportunities for hands-on classroom learning and exploration.

The Twirl store was a delightful discovery during one of our first stops on our journey and hopefully the beginning of an organic pattern that will emerge.



Twirl is a play and discovery space located in Taos, New Mexico. Our mission is to support the growth and potential of children in Taos through inspirational, community-wide opportunities to gather, learn, create and play. Our vision is a community that recognizes, celebrates and cultivates its greatest asset, its children.

Twirl was founded in 2007 as a for-profit play space and toy store by five mothers who wanted somewhere for their own young children to play and learn. As their children grew, so too did the desire of these mothers to provide even more inspirational play and learning opportunities for kids in Taos. In order to expand programming efforts, seek revenues beyond traditional sources, and partner with like-minded organizations, Twirl successfully transitioned to become a 501 (c)(3) in 2014.

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Sean W. Couch

President & Co-Trustee at the J.W. Couch Foundation

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