Josh Billings said it best, "A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself." Some will argue that humans are terrible at taking care of each other or even ourselves. We live in uncertain times and face seemingly insurmountable problems. But sometimes, there can be solutions in the simplest places if we are only willing to explore those options. When it comes to solving critical conservation issues, it turns out that dogs are well equipped to help save us from some of the biggest challenges we face.

It's estimated that a canine's sense of smell is over 40 times better than a human's. The Conservation Dogs Collective works alongside dogs and leverages their extraordinary scent detection abilities to improve our planet's health. Their canine finder teams have proven that dogs can help protect endangered species that enable our world to thrive and detect other invasive species that can cause harm. For example, their dogs have helped locate bumble beehives to assist researchers in studying habitat preferences and colony behavior. They also help determine how much impact wind farms have on their surrounding environments by locating bird and bat carcasses. They even assist botanists or land managers to locate endangered populations of wildflowers before they have even bloomed.

The amazing skills and attributes of canines provide the Conservation Dogs Collective with the perfect partner in their pursuit of knowledge and their mission to advance conservation efforts.

Conservation Dogs Collective

We work alongside dogs; leveraging the power of scene detection to improve our planet's health. The CDCI Canine Finders are experts in scent detection to help advance conservation efforts. Our teams help protect endangered species, combat invasive species, locate elusive species, and build communities one sniff at a time.

We share ways to strengthen the dog-human bond that delivers more joy to you and your dog's relationship. We offer enrichment ideas and items that we use with our conservation dogs to help you enhance your dog's life. We will connect you with other dog-obsessed individuals while learning about dogs' innate sniffing abilities and how they're used to help heal the planet we love. 

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