Introducing JWC Studios

We're going beyond grants to help non-profit organizations better tell their stories and convey their impact on communities. JWC Studios will be a creative and collaborative experience that will help teams reach vital stakeholders who can further their cause and scale their operations.

Kathleen Kelly Janus, an esteemed social entrepreneur, lawyer, and author, surveyed 250 organizations that received seed money from the top social entrepreneurship funders. She also interviewed founders, beneficiaries, and staff associated with 100 successful groups, including DonorsChoose, Charity: Water, and Teach For America. Her findings are published in her book Social Startup Success: How the Best Non-profits Launch, Scale Up and Make A Difference. She made a critical discovery that 81% of non-profit leaders say access to capital is their biggest challenge and yet don't engage in fundraising experimentation because they're worried about the perception that it might create. This finding aligns with our belief that non-profits should be able to operate without the fear of experimentation or failure. Further, they need more partners who can help them showcase their mission so they can focus on their important work while scaling their impact.

The struggle to scale is one of the most pressing challenges social entrepreneurs face. Despite their important work, many operate in survival mode and scramble for the money they need to keep crucial operations functioning. A key component to scaling is having the ability to tell your story in the most compelling way possible so that the right audience will pay attention. Storytelling connects us all and sets us apart from others, but to do so requires the luxury of time, resources, and skills. With the help of JWC Studios, we want to work together with teams and create content that is too compelling for anyone to ignore while also removing the burden of cost so that teams can focus on the most important element -- telling their story.

After applying for a JWC Studios grant and further review, we will create a high production value video asset that will work with multi-channel marketing campaigns. We will coordinate and manage a production process that will align itself with an organization's mission, messaging, and goals. Video production is a team effort that requires tremendous creative brainpower, which is why we will also have the help of FoxFuel, a creative agency out of Nashville that has helped our team since inception. Each organization will walk away with an asset that will have a lasting impact and reap countless benefits from a streamlined experience.

We are proud to share our first project with Scenic America, an environmental non-profit dedicated to enhancing the visual and scenic qualities of the nation's communities and countryside. We've helped them create a compelling collection of videos and stunning images that showcases the natural beauty for one of their local chapters, Scenic Walton. You can learn more about their project and the process by visiting the JWC Studios website.


Working with our studio means that non-profits will have an engaged private foundation partner. Our goal is to align our charitable programs with each organization and share an experience that will create greater wisdom on how we can help each new community. If philanthropy is the market for love, then we want to make sure there is plenty of it going around for others to benefit from. 

We look forward to this new chapter and are taking new JWC STUDIOs applications now.

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Sean W. Couch

President & Co-Trustee at the J.W. Couch Foundation

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